2017 Reading Resolutions

As it is the New Year, Here are my reading resolutions which I hope to get on with in 2017:

1.Set myself the yearly Goodreads challenge of 52 books

I  have set my personal Goodreads challenge at 52, one book a week. So far, I have been averaging slightly more than that each month, so hopefully I can achieve and maybe even exceed this number by this time next year.

2. Read one non-fiction book and one classic every month

I am trying to challenge myself to read more different types of books – I already read a fair amount of non-fiction, but I would like to challenge myself to read at least one non-fiction book a month. I hope to do the same with classics, and I think 12 books across the year is an achievable number, especially if I include modern classics.

3. Read everything currently on my To Be Read list

Books on my To Be Read list are ones which I already own but have not read yet. There are around 10 books on this list at the moment which I really want to get read this year. I only add books to this list if I buy them, so I don’t want this list to exceed 20 books at any point in the year, because that means I’m buying rather than reading!

I think it’ll be good to look over my resolutions this time next year and see if I have managed to achieve them! Happy Reading for 2017, Beth




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